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The tetrazzi is a fantastic instrument for those of you looking to buy one.Coco is my next purchase Can you unscrew them a little without desoldering?one of these devices was peter's tetrazzi organ, which i think was new at the time and the most affordable instrument he sold.i loved the sounds and the interface, but it wasn't working in my setup, so i sold it along with many of my other devices.for those counting, the sidrazzi has 42 nodes and the tetrazzi has 16.the extra 11 seen along the back are direct outputs of the sidrazzi and tetrazzi oscillators, unmodulated by the bars but modulated by the buttons and fm inputs.i need to get more us that sweet sweet audio/video! this is why i plan to support these instruments with a small euro modular-- mostly mixing utilities, vcas, and wave modifiers.ciat lonbarde's designs and noises are beautiful works of art. That is a node metropolis, do you have it mapped out or are you going with intuition? i don't have it mapped just yet, peter did his usual layout where things are arranged in an obtuse way. i have a plan for using the expression outputs of organ with the modular, too, but it requires lots of amplification i've got it mostly figured out.

first a little back story: roughly two years ago i dropped out of the modular scene due to rising costs and decided to get some external effects and standalone synths.i'm stoked and looking forward to exploring these instruments, and thought some of you might be interested in seeing yet another one of peter's brilliant designs! would love to hear some audio too once you get a chance.much love to him for being willing to take part in a curious experiment and putting in the effort to make it real. I'm not sure what you meant about distinguishing the ins and outs via spoke or screw node style - do you mean in the way they are laid out or the actual nodes themselves are different?perfect for external mixing, ringmod, vca get a grasp on the size of it, see it here with the cocoquantus.

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If so you can slide colored washers or handmade shapes with holes in the centre under the screws.

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