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When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. my assistant, miss hunt, has it in her posession, and will cheerfully return it to the owner. so, if anyone has lost a wallet with a large sum of money in helen hunt for it.............

May he rest in peace Lewis Black: For 1.5 million dollars a year, any one of us can do the weather, and not only do the weather, but do it with a gorilla ****ing you in the ass! If you had a million-five, you'd be glad to see Simba at work every day, and the only time you get pissed off is when you find out the Gorilla is making 2 skelton, in the middle of his act.....a young woman comes onstage and hands him a note....reads: "ladies and gentlemen, i've just been informed that a wallet containg a rather large sum of money was found near the restrooms.

"Too many ways to get in." So up and down the spiral staircases he goes, a rumpled mess wearing a wrinkled golf shirt, disheveled graying hair, and the scars and weariness from a lifetime's worth of beatings. It's his assistant with the papers he needs to autograph.

He has no shoes on, just white socks with the NFL logo stitched on because he has never really been able to let go of who he used to be. He bends over and lets both arms hang in front of him. She puts all the legalese from four folders in front of him on a coffee table that is low to the ground. What I'm not great at is managing it." It is hard to believe he filed a bankruptcy petition in June, but a bad economy, bad advice, a bad divorce and a bad habit of not being able to say "no" have ravaged him.

A quarterback will never feel more alive anywhere than he does at the conquering center of everything in sports. Those things get handed off sometimes because, whether it is the offensive line or family and friends huddled around their income source, the quarterback must always be protected or everyone loses. He graduated from the University of Miami in 2 1/2 years.

There are about as many real teeth in the cup as there are in what remains of his smile. That kind of control -- over other strong men, over huddles, over winning, over entire swaying stadiums and their surrounding cities -- is just about impossible to let go ... And now he quotes the old pipe-smoking coach and applies those lessons from nearly three decades ago to today: "Son, I'm not going to lie. As creditors close in and his divorce has gotten messy in public, Kosar has had some suicidal thoughts, but he says, "I couldn't quit on my kids. He speaks with a slur and admits there has been drinking and pain medication in his past, but says the only thing he's addicted to is football. "I'm outnumbered now." He has found therapy in learning how to clean the house with the kids and dealing with life's smaller headaches. And you can see just as clearly that Kosar is going to get crushed. This is what his life once was and what it is now -- a swirl of chaos and pain and danger surrounding a man who has to remain in control for the people around him as everything feels like it is falling apart.

as is the attendant attention, ego, importance, popularity, fun and life. As he tries to reorganize his life in a dark period that leaves his mind racing and sleepless, the people he quotes aren't philosophers and poets. Just the other day, while in a 10-hour bankruptcy meeting with 10 attorneys that left him "humbled and in pain and feeling betrayed" as he took a detailed inventory of his life, he excused himself with a smile because one of his daughters -- the oldest of his children lives with him full time, the others part time -- was calling with some sort of popularity crisis. "I just wanted to play football," the old quarterback says.

The tax bill is just one of dozens of financial problems that have dogged Kosar, a former University of Miami quarterback.

Over the past year, he settled two IRS liens filed in Broward County totaling ,670.

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