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About all a person like Bartimaeus could do back then was, if he was otherwise healthy enough, take up a spot alongside a road and beg all day long. Hoping that enough sympathetic passers-by would toss enough money your way to buy a simple supper.

It’s possible that many people in Jericho knew Bartimaeus, or at least knew of him, since he likely spent all of his days begging, waiting for somebody to take pity on him. Cultivating Realistic, Positive Expectations for Christian Marriage Waiting, all day. Waiting in utter darkness, even as you could feel the sun beating down on the body you couldn’t see.

The commotion he himself causes in this passage creates the impression that he'd immediately realized this might be his one chance in his entire life to be healed from blindness - and he was frantically hoping to seize the moment.

Christ is the Creator of Perfect Timing Christ, of course, knew Bartimaeus was nearby on the roadside. Quickly, the crowd changed its tune, turned to Bartimaeus, and said, "well, what do you know!

It's bad enough today in North America, where our culture is quite progressive in curing, treating, or providing assistance for people with vision problems.

Or for the traffic in front of us to start moving again. Our lonely apartment – not to mention our lonely ring finger – already confirm that we’re not married.

SEE ALSO: What I Learned about Waiting on God while Selling My House Waiting can be excruciatingly frustrating.

Hopefully, your parents, family, and friends aren’t bugging you about how long they’re having to wait for you to get married.

How easy it is for us to overlook, however, the amount of time Bartimaeus had to spend waiting, and not even knowing what he was waiting for!

Christ knew He was going to heal Bartimeaus, but the blind beggar himself had started his day as he had every other one, with the imminent restoration of his sight completely off his radar.

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As the psalmist has so poignantly phrased it, Psalms .

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