Community prayer of ang dating daan

Community prayer of ang dating daan

indians ko is k ilawa ata bhi kia hae ...tmhare dramas ki trha tmhari life chal rahi hae....itni bateen kr rahe ho forum pur panipat mein tmhari pent geeli ho jati know about 1965 and kargill wars ..some scraps of videos ....bloody bastards .. dont you bastards remember the invasion of pakistan army in india in 1965...bastards 2nd largest nation with AIDS and you bastards say us f**** remember that india is the 2nd largest country in world where every 3rd man sleeps hungry....bombay k aik terrorist ko to pakr nai ske the ab batein kr rahe ho....indians know what happened to them in 1962 by them great army ...for pakistanis it is know that you are the children of those who used to take bath under the urine of COW sorry your god...indians know that happened in the reign of Gaznavi ..indians know that they are the children of those who used to keep the toilets of Muslims neat and clean .....Salo Apne aap ko musalman kehte aur kafiro ke filme dekhte ho. Tum Jaise Kutte logo ke Vajah se aaj Mera Pakistan Vukhe Nange Ho gaya hai. Shouting at the top of your voices standing in your own backyards and feeling great about it?Kabhi America se Vikh lena padhta hai to kabhi China se vikh lena padhta hai. You know what, we're emotional fools, as that firangi Blair rightly pointed out.cows are ur mothers,and Dogs are ur cowerds u know v well about ur pakistani can f**k thousands of HIndus banias.u r lions in ur home only in front of ur what about r sisters,they ve so many boy friends,and be f**ked from each of one.after pregnancy she can use unwanted 72bharat bharat mahan why not just accept that pakistan is very good at speaking trash and in battles of brains and brawns its useless we rule mate india rules just give us 5 more years you fuch head pakis wud be asking your original fathers for weapons as now you are begging the americans and the chinese noodles please help us in the name of aid to fight agains terrorism lolzzzzzzzz fk u pakistani motherfkrs hey guys why we r argumentating with this f****r pakistani . we use our money only not like u pakistani begger alwz need help of USA . and when they lose big time, they just run to the US, their BIG DADDY to same them from shame...those f****ng bastards i just like to remind you both indians and pakistanis that word fight wont end....and fattu lok if you r stronger na thn declare war with US . so u start thinking rationally we cant change our neighbours so try to find ways to live peacefully....Haramakhor tumhare liye pakistanio ke lash Sar rahe hai aaj tak Kargil ke Pahadi Par. Mujhe to ye bhi lagta hai Kafir log Pesab Karte hai Musalmano ke Lash ke upar. Jao aur India ke kafiro ka Samna karo Mard ki Tarah. Hum Kayar Musalmano ne to Bina Jung Apni Zameen Chinese ko De diya Aur batein karte ho. Tum Kayar logo ko Jannat kabhi na Naseeb Hogi agar kisiko hogi to woh sirf mere ko hogi. Waise Allah ne Mujhe Promise kiya hai Ko mai Jannat Me Tum Munafiquo Ki Ammi logo ko Chod sakta hu. Sale Tum Jaise Haramio Ke Liye Puri Duniya me Pakistan Badnam Ho gaya Hai. Tumhare Ek Bhaijan AJMAL KASAB to Aaj Kafiron Ke hath SUAR KA KABAB KHA Raha hai. Salo Kayaro Ke MAUT marte ho AUR PC SCREEN ke PICHE se Vatein Karte ho. No or can v kill all the indians certainly not,then wats the idea behind this gali galoch,do u think when u write mother brother sister n interestingly some one wrote father f**** affects on any ones health on both sides?Salon, tum kamino ke Vajah se Hum musalmano ko American Kafir aur Chinese Kafir ke Jute chatne Padte hai. Jannat ki har ek Randi ko to mai pehle hi chod dalunga. y v waste our time on such baseless things.v r poorest in the world,our people dying of hunger,no sanitation,pure water or electricity and the basic needs of life are not here..cream of india,like doctors engineer IT Professionals want to go abroad same is the case here i myself in America working as a doctor,i hav many indian friends v got hangout together have lots of fun.why cant u??

i'm not gonna say nything bad bout the indians y shud i but those here who use foul language for us pakis i'd like to see them say it face to face...will pee in thier pants before saying something like that. Tum jaise kutte logoko maine kitne bar bola ke Hindustani Filme Mat dekha karo. Par tum kamino ko to mere batein pasand nahi ata hai.

Chutiyo Tum jaise Kayar logo ke vajah se Mujhae Hindustani Kafiro se Lath khana pada. Salo, Kargil ke Jung me tum Jaise Harami logo ko maine bola tha ki Jao aur Sine pe Goli Khao, Lekin tum Kutiya ke Aulad Apne Gand me Goli kha ke Laut Aye. Haramzado Tum Jaise Randi Ke Aulado ke liye hi to hame East Pakistan Khona padha, Aaj Tak Wapas na pa sake, Aur Vatein banate ho? Salo tumhe pata bhi hai Ki PANIPATH KA MATLAB KYA HAI? Mai Allah Ko Bolunga Ta Ki tum harami logo ke liye Gigolo Service Chalu Kare. We take it too personally and 60 years on we're yet to grow up. Times are not far when we'll be ruled by someone from foreign soil again.

Vagte waqt tum chutiyon ne apne dosto ke Lash tak na le aye aur Batein karte ho. JAHAN KAFIRO KE LATH KHA KAR MUSALMAN KE PANI PANI HO JAYE WOHI PANIPATH KAHLATA HAI. India jate ho to sirf goli kha ke Jahannum Jane ke liye aur Jannat ka Khwab Dekhte ho? Gigolo logo ka Kam hoga Un Munafiquo Ko Chodna Aur Gand Marna Jo bhi Kafiro ka Goli kha Ke Jahannum Ayega. India Jate ho, Kuch Goli khate ho Kutte ki Maut Mare Jate Ho Aur Kuch Pakde Jate Ho Kafiron Ke Hath Lath Khane Ke Liye. Us harami ke liye Pure duniya me Musalmano ka TAMASHA BAN RAHA HAI. The way you killed muslims at Lal Masjid is really great. Oh I can see a nice discussion going on about war videos, I have a lot of videos of you showing mozlems killing mozlems all over pakistan. By the way do you guys need more alms, food, weapon, dollars? I see a very heated debate is going on over here,i read all your comments,man i think majority of u who voted here are from good background and well educated,see people v r youth of india and pakistan,v should understand that v r neighbours and it is a reality accept it, I wil ask u can u kil all the pakistanis?

Can any Bastard here answer me that y indians fear PANIPAT and why indians never mention the period of the past 1000 years... every Indian woman is a prostitute because she is the product of NIOG and according to NIOG a Hindu woman can have s*x with 11 men to have a child.

Oh I forgot that she can have s*x in front of her husband according to SWAMI Dia Nand in Sithiarat Parakash.

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Oh I forgot that she can have s*x in front of her husband according to SWAMI Dia Nand in Sithiarat Parakash. JAI HIND Truth is we pakistanis S H I T in our salwar kameez (our national dress ) whenever we hear of the mighty Indian Armed Forces.

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