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Dating sight description

We know from ancient manuscripts called codices that Quetzalcoatl the god created mankind from drawing blood from his penis in the underworld.Quetzalcoatl the man is known to have created the calendar, and he delivered mushrooms and corn to his children.“Although this Quetzalcoatl was a man [the Indians] they held him to be a god....They took him also the mushrooms, which grow at the foot of the trees, and they drew blood from their ears.” who was one of the first Spanish chroniclers to write about mushroom ceremonies, believed the Aztecs were the decedents of the lost tribes of Israel, writing that the Indian traditions with which he was familiar with, were similar with the ancient Jewish customs and beliefs that were described in the Old Testament (J. Parry 1976, p.318)."They became so inebriated and witless that many of them took their lives in their hands.With the strength of these mushrooms they saw visions and had revelations about the future, since the devil spoke to them in their madness".

E.), last King of the Franks and first King of France Although perhaps best known through its association with French royalty, the symbol itself is of far greater antiquity, and occurs in the ancient art of both the Old and New Worlds as a symbol of divinity, or "Lord" linked to a Trinity of gods, a Tree of Life and it's forbidden fruit.

Despite these official sanctions, however, some conscientious historians continued to describe what they had observed, albeit with a heavy dose of sixteenth century cultural and religious bias.

In Mexico City, Bishop Juan de Zumarraga claimed to have destroyed 20,000 idols and 500 temples.

"There is only one god" [he is] Quetzalcoatl.”( Sahagún, 1950-75,0).

A closer look at the attributes of Quetzalcoatl's headdress, depicts a harpy eagle, one of the many avatars of Quetzalcoatl, a trefoil or Fleur de lis symbol, and the "single eye" motif, a universal symbol of the resurrected Sun God.

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