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I know there are other Asian guys who only pursue white guys ("potato queens"), but there are plenty of others who are attracted to all types, including other Asians - just go to any of the Asian-focused gay clubs to see plenty of them hooking up with one another.

I'd like to think OP is an isolated troll, but unfortunately I've run across a couple of guys, both Asian and white, who emulate his type of thinking. Nor do I understand why "subservience" is supposed to be an attractive quality - most gay men I know are looking for a partner who's confident and will stand up for himself.

Brits have always been known as a nation that delivers on others’ expectations, whilst having high expectations of their own.

When I was on a dating site a couple of months ago, I received the most messages and "winks" from other Asian guys (followed closely by Hispanic and black guys, and then white guys).

But I actually have no idea what he's talking about with the "subservient" stereotype (that's more of an outdated stereotype for Asian women). I will say, if you're desperate to be in a relationship, and you go out and seek a guy of a certain race because you buy into a stereotype that he'll be "subservient" or "loyal" - news flash, you're not ready to be in a relationship. I have met enough Oriental people (plus the many second and third generation immigrants in my family) to know that they hate themselves and truly believe the disgusting racist tripe that's said about Far Eastern people in "developed" countries.

You're ready to play doll-house with some fantasy from your simplistic imagination. I find the post offensive, horrible and demeaning and yes, I think that it was mostly motivated by a very negative self-image.

It's flattering, but seems odd.[quote] I'm a middle aged bearish white guy...the young Asian men seem to really like me! I'm just not sure why so many young guys are interested. In many Asian circle, you could be on an oxygen tank and if you are white, that is good enough for them.

It is a self-esteem issue, as if being with a White guy makes Asians feel confident#2 Older guy is a status symbol (like looking for a sugar daddy).

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That is because they lack the social and political skills to move up. So the Caucasian community is more developed socially and self-esteem wise.

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